Our Chat with Katie Kearney: Model, Swimwear Designer, World Traveler and Lifelong Golfer


At the core of golf is honor, respect and etiquette. The game is special this way – it transcends the simple pleasures of sport. And perhaps nothing is more special than golf with mom or dad (or both). Kearney, 2012 Miss Missouri echoes this and says dad is her favorite playing partner.

Travel is good for the soul

Travel is good for the soul

“I was originally introduced to the game when I was very young by my dad. I took a break from the game, but when I became Miss Missouri, I was asked to play in charity scrambles every weekend. This is when I got back into the swing of things — as to not embarrass myself at events. I remembered just how much I loved the sport and have been obsessed ever since,” Kearney tells World’s Best Golf Destinations.

With photo shoots and leisure travel, Kearney has lapped the world a few times – Pearl Valley in South Africa, a Nicklaus Design is her favorite place to play. The golf course sits in a valley with stunning views of mountains. There are plenty of lakes and bunkers, but what Kearney likes most is, “the golf course feels like an escape from the world.”

A heated topic in golf in 2017 – music on the golf course – yes or no? Kearney is firm on yes. Her go-to tracks on the links soundtrack tell a story: Kearney loves the USA, Africa and tropical house music.

  • “Africa,” Toto
  • “Born in the USA,” Bruce Springsteen
  • “Sunrise,” Kygo
  • “Sweet Nothing,” Calvin Harris
  • “Show Me Love,” Sam Feldt

Another hot topic: “sliding into DMs,” and we have good news for the sliders.

“Yes, I have responded to direct messages on social media and some have turned out to be the best people I’ve ever met. Traveling makes it very hard to meet people so social media can be a blessing, and a curse. One gentleman asked to purchase a drawer of my worn underwear for $1,000. Needless to say, I didn’t respond to that one,” she laughs.

Unlike the underwear wacko – Kearney’s judgement and taste is astute: her favorite golfer is John Daly and she can put away more St. Louis-style ribs than most.

Make a tee time and cue the Springsteen

Make a tee time and cue the Springsteen

2017 was good for Kearney, 2018 looks to be better. She recently launched her own swimwear company, Strings Swimwear. The designs are inspired by her travels, from South Africa, to Geneva and Milan. The Resort 2018 collection will launch by the end of the year.

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